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Lenovo caught pre-installing spyware on its laptops yet again


Oracle Says It Is Killing the Java Plugin


Uber Says Customers Give Up Right to Sue When They Agree to Use Service


Terrifying face gadget promises to keep your conversations private in public places


TIL that unlike James Bond, real MI6 agents don't need a license to kill because everything they do outside the UK is already illegal. The UK spy agency makes Bond-like gadgets for operatives but, as one said after retiring, they "frequently fail to work upon arrival at our destination".


Monthly Apps, Gadgets and Gear Megathread!


Super Mario Run Revenue ‘Did Not Meet Our Expectations’: Nintendo


We Need the Right to Repair Our Gadgets


New giant 3D printer can build a house in 24 hours


Redditor explains how the Cube's (a handheld device) Decibels (dB) would be a 1,000,000,000 times more powerful than the Krakatoa volcano eruption of 1883.


John McAfee reveals details on gadget to thwart NSA. And if the U.S. government bans its sale, "I'll sell it in England, Japan, the Third World. This is coming and cannot be stopped."


To encourage tank repairs and teamwork, Support players should have the option to equip the "Repair Wrench" as a melee weapon instead of gadget


A researcher has developed a gadget that is capable of hijacking most drones mid-flight - locking the owner out and giving the attacker complete control over the device.


Monthly Apps, Gadgets and Gear Megathread!


HTC One M8 wins "Phone of the Year" at the T3 Gadget Awards


Monthly Apps, Gadgets and Gear Megathread!


/u/FlyingTinOpener explains why the iPhone 6 Plus bends and the Galaxy Note 3 doesn't (hint: it's not because of aluminum)


PC Gaming Is Getting Better, but Publishers Are Getting Worse


Methane Found on Mars, Indicates Life May Once Have Existed There: Nasa


I did this last year, and went pretty well, so - What's a gadget you find great, is available now, and probably something not a lot of people know about?


BlackBerry Will Launch 2 Mid-Range Android Smartphones This Year: CEO


Amazon Aims to Put Fire Phone Nightmare Behind With 'Ice' Smartphones



A gadget is a small tool such as a machine that has a particular function, and is related to today's fast-advancing modern age technology to create such gadgets.

Gadgets and Gizmos

Gadgets and Gizmos was a television program about technology gadgets and reviews shown on G4techTV Canada.

Gadgets Gully virus

Gadgets Gully virus (GGYV) is an arbovirus, a member of the flavivirus family first isolated from the hard tick Ixodes uriae, and named after Gadget's Gully on Macquarie Island in the southwest Pacific Ocean.

Microsoft Gadgets

Microsoft Gadgets are lightweight single-purpose applications, or software widgets, that can sit on a Microsoft Windows user's computer desktop, or are hosted on a web page.

The Gadget Show

The Gadget Show is a British television series which focuses on consumer technology. The show, which is broadcast on Channel 5, is currently presented by Craig Charles, Ortis Deley, Jon Bentley and Georgie Barrat.

Suikoden (video game)

Suikoden (Japanese: 幻想水滸伝, Hepburn: Gensō Suikoden, listen ) is a role-playing game published by Konami as the first installment of the Suikoden series.

The Gadget Show (series 20)

The twentieth series of the British consumer technology television programme The Gadget Show began on 14 October 2013 and ended on 6 January 2014. It comprises 13 episodes.

The Gadget Shop

Gadgetshop is an electronic toy retailer based in the United Kingdom, specialising in novelty gadgets.

Gadget Boy & Heather

Gadget Boy & Heather is a Canadian-French-American animated television series from DIC Entertainment (now known as DHX Media).

Gadget Man

Gadget Man (previously Stephen Fry: Gadget Man) is a British television series, which began airing on 19 November 2012 on Channel 4 and is presented by Richard Ayoade, who took over from the previous host, Stephen Fry, from the second series.

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