There are more, but obviously I can't fit them all here - if you search for a combination of "juno", "jupiter", "clouds", "animation" and, optionally, "gerald eichstädt" and "filetype:gif", you'll find some more :)

Try this: site:  filetype:gif -pan's labyrinth movie gif ...and let me know if it works. :-)

Als Tipp: übersetze das, was du per GIF ausdrücken willst, ins Englische und such danach. Und setz ans Ende noch "filetype:GIF" (ohne Anführungszeichen) dran. 😉

I always have open a browser window with a "filetype:gif" search set in google images.

Second tab open to google image search with "filetype:gif" preceding your search term.

Type "filetype:gif medieval penis tree" and set search results to images - it's the first result for me 😳

passionate kiss filetype:gif interesting that over 90% of the results were b&w

use filetype:gif It still might not be animated but it'll be gif (jif :P)


No search ideas available.

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